The Problem

The Broadgate Tower is an iconic building which helps to define the London skyline and is one of London’s tallest structures. 201 Bishopsgate has a curved design which sweeps around, contrasting and complimenting the two buildings, both of which are structurally knitted together. For the 30,000 workers and visitors who come to the area, it feels like a complete neighbourhood where office life and social life are equally catered for. There are over 60 shops, bars and restaurants, 4 fitness and health clubs and 17 office buildings, which are all set within a welcoming green space.

The 33 storey Broadgate Tower and 201 Bishopsgate are both multi-tenanted, prestigious buildings. They had an existing analogue CCTV solution, which limited the managerial operations and an access control and turnstile solution that was hindering the free flow of tenants and visitors.

Our Solution

After gaining a full understanding of the stakeholder’s security philosophy, along with managerial and operational requirements, we were lead to propose an integrated IT focused solution. This was designed to significantly improve both the management and seamless free flow of people throughout the building.

WOT Fire & Security migrated the existing CCTV cameras over to the latest IP platform, with a new fibre backbone to future proof the system. This would deliver high definition video images over the entirety of the site.

We replaced all of the existing turnstiles with aesthetically pleasing speed lanes. These allowed 40 people a minute to be processed, integrated into the lift system and into each of the tenant’s individual access control systems. It provided the users and management with a simple, reliable solution, which has had a positive impact on this particular aspect of the building’s operation.