The Problem

The King’s Cross estate is currently comprised of Battle Bridge Place, King’s Boulevard, Granary Square, The Granary Building and several additional residential buildings. When complete, the estate will contain 50 new buildings, 2,000 new homes, 20 new streets and 10 new public squares. There are a number of key projects currently underway across the 67 acre site and by 2018 it is estimated that up to 30,000 people will be studying, living and working at King’s Cross.

The King’s Cross security and life safety system control room was housed in office space which was required as part of the ongoing redevelopment. This therefore provided an opportunity to invest for the future and upgrade existing security and life safety systems.

Our Solution

WOT were awarded the contract for design, project management and engineering for the control room relocation. A seamless, phased implementation was required, ensuring that the needs of all stakeholders were met.

WOT used an ergonomically designed approach. All consoles were effectively positioned around the monitor wall, so delivering a comfortable, productive, working environment. The existing CCTV cameras were migrated over, along with the deployment of new solutions using the latest technology. This delivered a future proof transition to the new location.