Facial recognition is a technology, which uses a software approach to identify individuals in a real time environment. Within a facial recognition CCTV database, images will either be separated into the whitelist or blacklist.

The whitelist within the database will include authorised users such as staff, promising clients, or VIP guests that require extra attention. This can help boost a businesses quality of service and improve a company’s overall image.

The blacklist within the database will include individuals who are unwelcome on the premise and should not be authorised access.

When there is a face match, a predetermined action will occur. This action could range from an alert to staff to provide quicker service, or even integration with the access control system to automatically call a lift.

The software uses complex mathematical algorithms to make quick decisions and will typically be run from a server or powerful workstation. The installation of high resolution IP cameras will improve the overall accuracy of the systems facial recognition.

The application of facial recognition can significantly reduce the probability of human error and this powerful technology is ideal for environments, where preventing unauthorised access is essential.

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